Léopold Roi des belges,

animated film by Mad Cat Studio (2018, 47 min.)

Music composed and conducted by Stéphane Orlando


Stéphane Orlando is the artistic and musical director of the Original Sound Track Ensemble.

As a pianist for the the Royal Film Archive of Belgium (Cinematek) since 2001, Stéphane Orlando has provided accompaniment for over 500 silent films.

In this capacity as accompanist, he experienced the important principles involved with creating sound to fit an image thus responding to the needs of the drama or theme of the film.​ 

Today, he composes and conduct his music for long and short features or documentaries.

Stéphane Orlando has a strong knowledge of classical, jazz and traditional music, and he enjoys using all the expressive possibilities of the instruments in refined orchestrations.


He is currently the President of the Belgian Composers Forum. As a musicologist, he was the former President of the Belgian Society for Musical Analysis. And, he is also one of the creators of the BSCG, the Belgian Screen Composers Guild.


Stéphane Orlando in Galaxy Studio


Tél : 0032 476 79 23 73


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